Thursday, September 4, 2008

The Shocker can be awkward

Sometimes in the course of our duties we find ourselves in awkward situations. I have one that I would like to share because it is pretty funny. One of the things I do around my workplace is handle investigations into work misconduct using computers. If there is an investigation going on, and computers are involved, I am often called in to help. Then I have meeting with HR on a regular basis to discuss what I've found since our last meeting.

A couple weeks ago I was in one of those meeting with our director, who I will call Black Bird. Black Bird is a very smart woman with a great sense of humor, but she can be a little intimidating sometimes. We were looking at internet activity by an individual that is under investigation. We got around to the online searches and we found that the phrase "the shocker" had been searched more than anything else recently. This led to a very awkward conversation...

Black Bird: "The Shocker? What the heck is the shocker?"
Me: "I don't think it's something good."
Black Bird: "Well do you know what it is?"
Me: "Yes, but I'm not going to tell you."
Black Bird: "Well I'm going to look it up. Oh my god! That's terrible!"

I don't mind telling you that it felt a little awkward sitting with the HR director when she discovered what the shocker was. To her credit she apologized for embarrassing me, and I told her that I wasn't embarassed or offended. After all, I am a former sailor. Looking back, I think the story is kind of funny which is why I've shared it.

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