Monday, September 15, 2008

Pointsec for PC: Error 1242968

I had someone ask me about an error message that they were getting on their machine so I resovled to call Checkpoint support, get an answer, and get back to the person. Well, I ran into some problems with my support contract. Eventually that all got worked out, but not before someone else found the answer. Eventually Checkpoint got back to me and I was able to verify the answer from the other person and I don't feel like a dirty plagerizer for putting this on my blog.

Some people might be seeing events like this in your Windows Event Logs:
EventID: 7016
The Pointsec Service has reported an invalid current state 1242968.

The computer seems to be working fine, you just see these errors and wonder what is going on. Well the official word from support seems to be that it's nothing to worry about. There is a bug in Pointsec for PC versions older than 6.3.1 HFA4 (Hot Fix Accumulator). When the screensaver locks due to inactivity this error message is written to the logs, but does not actually indicate that anything is wrong. So stop worrying, and upgrade to HFA4.

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