Saturday, December 6, 2008

Still waiting for Checkpoint Support to RTFM

A few days ago I posted about an issue I raised with Checkpoint support. I talked to them about the issue and got off the phone. A couple hours later I found in the manual the answer to my question. However, Checkpoint still hasn't figured out that their manual says that what I was trying to do is not supported.

So the latest update is that they asked me to install Pointsec for PC HFA5. I was kind of surprised because I didn't know there was an HFA5. By the way, HFA stands for Hot Fix Accumulator. I looked over the release notes for HFA5 and there was nothing about adding the Max Failed Windows Logon attempts support to Vista machines. So I updated my case with Checkpoint to let them know that HFA5 has been installed and that I still have the problem (yes, I verified it).

My other, undocumented problem doesn't seem to have been fixed in HFA5 either. To review, I have been upset because you can't paste values into the Management Console properly. When I create a new profile, and I copy a password from some document and paste it into the New Profile wizard, it appends some extra crap somewhere that screws up the password. Then later when you try to enter that password by hand you find out you're screwed. I've mentioned this to Checkpoint about a half dozen times now, still no fix.


Anonymous said...

I wonder how many escalation tiers you will have to go through before you hit someone who actually knows it's not going to work because they wrote the code, or are possibly working on the code you need.

Do you get a maintenance payment credit if they can't solve it in a few months? :)

Pszchad said...

I had a similar experience with Perceptive Solution's ImageNow support... I ran into a problem that a support guy couldn't figure out after working together for 2 hours on the phone and through a remote help solution. He eventually thought it was a bug in the software and was going to escalate the problem. After getting off the phone, I started mucking around with permissions settings and low and behold it was a simple check box.

I wish I had taken your route to see how long it would be until THEY figured it out... Sadly, I told them I fixed it.

I hear good support is very rare to find...