Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Black Fist needs some ideas

Well it turns out that my Pointsec video tutorial has been popular. So popular in fact that I'm getting close to my monthly bandwidth limit from I have a couple of options.

Option one is to wait and see if we actually get enough views to push me over the edge and people can't see the content anymore. If we don't reach that magic number, then I can go on as I have been. However, I plan to add more videos in the future and it is unlikely that I'm going to stay under the 2Gb monthly limit for long.

Option two is for me to start paying for bandwidth. will give me 25Gb per month for just $10 per month.

Option three is to host my content somewhere else. Anybody know a place that does it cheaper than that? I really like that I am able to upload the Quicktime video and have a high quality video available. So I don't want to use something like YouTube or Google Video where the quality goes to crap. Unless you know something about YouTube that I don't. Some secret way to get high quality videos online?

Shoot me some ideas using the email address on the right. Click on Contact Black Fist and let me hear some ideas.

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