Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Pointsec certificate expiring - may cause upgrade problems

This morning Checkpoint released a bulletin about a problem affecting Pointsec for PC version 6.2.0 (with HFA1 or HFA2) and 6.3.0. The certificate that the software uses to validate recovery files and log files has expired. As a result, recovery files and log files are not being updated anymore, and new installations of these software versions will fail.

It is also possible that you're going to see some error messages such as "The installed license number is no longer valid" or "-1"

The good news is that your data is still secure. I talked to Checkpoint support and they assured me that you are still able to create recovery media based on the recovery files that have already been written. You can also use the crerec.exe (located in c:\program files\pointsec\pointsec for pc) to force creation of a new recovery file. Checkpoint has hotfixes available if for some reason you're not able to upgrade, but this certificate expiration problem will not prevent you from upgrading if you choose to go that route.
Notice from Checkpoint

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