Sunday, February 8, 2009

Upcoming Pointsec class in Minnesota

Hey, if you're a State of Minnesota employee then you might be able to register for the next Pointsec class that I'm going to be teaching. The class is scheduled for February 20th in St. Paul. Check out the link:

On the Pointsec side of things, I'm going to be focusing on data recovery. So there is going to be a lab on creating a BartPE disk to boot an encrypted device, and there is going to be a lab on setting up a hard drive as a slave so you can get at your information from a working Pointsec machine. I'm also putting in a lab on Network Location Awareness, temporary user accounts, and customizing the Pre-Boot Environment for your organization.

We're also going to be talking about Pointsec protector, which is also available to State of Minnesota Agencies. Protector has a lot of neat features and is a big step up from Pointsec Media Encryption in terms of ease of use. I'm still not certain if it is easier to deploy however.

Anyway, there are still some seats left so if you are a State of Minnesota employee and you still have some budget available for travel, sign up and come see Black Fist. I'll be available for autographs throughout the day.

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