Friday, June 5, 2009

Friday Diversion: here be chunks

Quick note: I had nothing to do with this.  I'm just reporting on it.
There is a reason why I love working at a University, and why I feel that the one I work for is the finest educational institution in the Midwest. The answer is the people. I want to share something odd I found today on campus.

I had just gone to the restroom and I was walking back along a different route than I had taken to get to the restroom. Along the way, I encountered a group of chairs in the library in an unusual place with a piece of paper on the floor between them. Here is a photo of the chairs:

As I leaned in to examine the piece of paper, the unmistakable smell of vomit struck me in the nose. Then I was able to read the piece of paper. Here is a photo:
The text reads: "Dar, here be chunks."  Notice the marks where some unidentified fluid has started to seep through the page.  From what I can surmise, someone vomited in the library.  Then, instead of cleaning it up, this person arranged chairs around the vomit to warn others not to step there.  Then this person took the time to color print a warning page in pirate speak complete with old english font and pirate logo to place on top of the vomit.  

Only in my work place.


Joe said...

Nice...Kim created the sign, actually.

jth said...

That's "Yar," not "Dar." Can't you read pirate?

Also, I'd hope that's cleaning stuff seeping through, rather than liquid remnants from Thirsty Thursday...

Anonymous said...

Yes, both Joe & jth are correct in their comments!

The sign says "Yar" & building services did "clean" the spot.

~~ Kim

The Bean said...