Saturday, October 18, 2008

Diversion: Last night was awesome

This is a security blog, so I don't want to put much of my personal life into this. However, I just have to comment on last night because it was an awesome experience for me. I went to a hockey game last night between my school and another school in their division. I have never had the pleasure of witnessing my school's hockey team win against someone in their division live. I saw it once on television, but never life. Well last night the team handed a 5 to 1 spanking to the visiting team. Even though I'm not a student, I sat in the student section and it was a blast.

The other great thing was that I finally saw a hat trick live. I've never seen one before.

Now I'm starting to get things ready for next week. I'm going to be out of town for part of the week for the IT Security Conference for K-20. No, I will not be presenting, I'm going to be there as a spectator. I went to this event a couple years ago and it was pretty good, but the agenda for last year didn't really impress me. This year looks like it will be worth while. If things are really good, I might even blog about some of the presentations.

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