Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Programming languages as past relationships

This is an odd thing to talk about, but one of my coworkers got into a conversation with me about programming languages from our past.  We started to use a metaphor to describe each of them, that being what kind of relationship we had with each language.  So I thought I would share the list of programming languages I've known and what kind of relationship we've had.  Just for fun.

PascalThe girl I fooled around with in high school that wouldn't let me get past second base.
C++The girl I dated in college. We had some good times and we still see each other from time to time, but we've both moved on.
PerlThat crazy chick I hooked up with a couple times. I tried to avoid her, but she left some of her stuff at my place.
PythonMy first love. It didn't last and I'm with somebody new now, but I'll always have fond feelings for her.
SharepointI know, not a programming language per se, but this is my blog post so it's going in here. Sharepoint is the annoying girl that I never wanted to go out with but I also never had the heart to tell her that it's never going to happen.
Ruby/RailsThe love of my life. We're going to raise kids together and be happy forever.
VB ScriptThe dude that sits in the cubicle across from me farting and picking his nose all day. I'm that turned off by VB Script

So there you have it.  As I think of other languages I might go back and fill this in.  Of all these Perl is the only one I hope I never see again.  That bitch will stab you.

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Anonymous said...

Sharepoint...you must have meant the girl you didn't want to date, but you lead her on for a bit. Just sayin